• Patented Dental Guard minimizes the potential for dental injuries
  • Single-Patient-Use blades eliminate cross-contamination concerns
  • New, clean, ready-for-instant
    use blades on demand
  • Robust stainless steel construction with exceptional airway illumination
  • Ensure institutional compliance with Joint Commission guidelines
  • Optimize traceability and
    long-term storage
Cost Effective
  • Eliminate most reprocessing costs
  • Optimize anesthesia/sterile processing workload
  • Attach to most hospital-owned handles

Get the New Safe-T-Scope – Commercially Available Now!

Made of robust stainless steel and featuring a strong tactile connection to the handle, the SafeT Scope will maintain the confidence of medical professionals, even in the most difficult of intubations, while decreasing hospital cost and improving patient care.

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